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The island of Corfu is located in the West Coast of the country of Greece. The island enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate and it is blessed with excellent beaches thereby turning out to be the best holiday destination.


Dropping the Pitch Without Dropping the Pitch. What 'dropping the pitch' really means is knowing it well enough for it to become second nature, so you can 'ad lib' and adapt in the moment, tailoring it to suit the individual you're selling to. Remember that in all likelihood extroverts have been badgering this introvert for years, rather than accepting their introverted nature on it's own terms.


You know, the term "sales" has such a negative connotation to it sometimes. It's such a shame, because without "sales" you have no business! It's really all in how you handle your sales process - are you coming from a place of being in service to your prospects? This week, in both the radio interview and my article, I address this subject. I invite you to take some time over the weekend to read and listen to the radio show and check in with yourself about your gut reaction to the term "sales" and what it means to you. How might that initial reaction be affecting your bottom line? What can you do to shift the energy around "sales" in your business to work FOR you, not AGAINST you?


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